About Columbus Pride Festival

Columbus, Indiana is known by many as the hometown of former governor and current Vice President Mike Pence. Pence is known for being anti-choice and anti-LGBTQA+, which is why the first ever LGBTQA+ pride festival in Columbus, Indiana in 2018 drew a big crowd.

Erin Bailey, a high school student at the time, wanted a senior project that made a difference and was bigger than any other one she had seen. She decided this because as she stated in a Refinery 29 interview in 2018, “Maybe Mike Pence can see from this festival, taking place where he grew up, that we don’t agree with [his stance on LGBTQ+ issues] — so he should listen to us,” she said. Although, as stated in a Cosmopolitan interview in 2018, “I’m doing this project in order to support the members of the LGBT community in Columbus,” Bailey said. “I’m not doing this for him, it’s for members of the community.”

Erin as stayed involved in the Columbus Pride Festival even though she has moved on to college in Indianapolis. We work to continue her vision of the festival and to continue to grow its presence in Columbus. 

Last years festival increased attendance to 3,500 people, up from 2,000 people the year before. People travel from all over the world to attend the event. The event consists of food, music, art, non-for profit groups, and other LGBTQA+ supportive groups and retailers. WE plan to continue growing the festival in the years to come, and we couldn’t do it without the community involvement. So thank you to everyone who donates, everyone who attends, and everyone who supports the event in any way. THANK YOU. And most importantly, thank you Erin for starting this amazing event.

Our Mission

Established in 2018, Columbus IN Pride Festival exists to unite Columbus as one community that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion for all, and celebrates LGBTQA+ residents, allies, and their families.

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